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Sell This House Extreme host Tanya Memme wears her Huggrz on the job

Posted on: March 5th, 2012 by Hugrz

We met Tanya Memme, host of A&E’s Sell This House: Extreme during our Academy Awards Gifting Suite week and we were thrilled when she posted this picture on her Facebook page!  

Tanya Memme wears Huggrz on the Set

Tanya Memme wears Huggrz Boot Wraps on the set of Sell This House: Extreme.

For more about Tanya Memme and Sell This House: Extreme, visit the A&E website. To get your own pair of Sand Fair Isle Huggrz Boot Wraps, visit


Amy Paige, The Big 98 WSIX in Nashville, Calls Huggrz Boot Wraps “little slips of heaven”

Posted on: November 20th, 2011 by Hugrz

Check out this fabulous post about the 45th Annual CMA Country Music Awards nominee goodybags by Amy Paige on the Big 98 WSIX radio station webpage in Nashville, Tennessee.


Amy – we’re glad to say they are quite affordable.  The ones you loved are our best-selling Rabbit faux fur boot covers that cost only $44 online.  We think that’s an attractive price for either gift-giving OR for updating your favorite boots to this year’s hottest styles!


See the full post


My Huggrz boot wraps make me look skinny!

Posted on: November 14th, 2011 by Hugrz

We love to hear from happy customers. This week Christina in New England wrote in to tell us that she has a whole new reason to love her Huggrz Boot Wraps.

“I bought a pair of the Sherpas because they just looked so warm and fun. When I wore them to my daughter’s soccer game last week, I got a lot of compliments. One person told me they looked very “Vail”.  But the best compliment I got was later that night when my husband told me they made my legs look really skinny! I may never take them off.”

We’ll have to add “Huggrz boot wraps make you look skinny” to our list of 5 great reasons to love your Huggrz.

Here are two of our Sherpa woolly boot looks!

Huggrz beige sherpa faux fur boot wraps pictured on Ugg boots

Huggrz beige sherpa woolly boot wrap on a shearling boot

Huggrz Black Sherpa Faux Fur Woolly Boot Wraps with Suede Lacing pictured on a short Ugg boot

Huggrz black sherpa woolly boot wrap with suede lacing on a short shearling boot

From the Huggrz Boot Wraps Mailbag: Fair Isle Sweater Boot Wraps in Newburyport

Posted on: October 27th, 2011 by Hugrz 1 Comment

We were thrilled to hear from Jennifer in Massachusetts who loves her new Huggrz Black Fair Isle Sweater boot wraps. Here’s a picture of her new boot covers over her beloved Frye boots.  We love the look she pulls off! Very New England. What’s your Hugrz signature style? Please share it with us by posting or tagging us on our Huggrz facebook page or sending a picture to

Fair Isle Sweater Boot Cover with Frye Boots

Jennifer picked these up at Hyman’s Pennyworth’s in Newburyport, MA. If you’re not in the Newburyport area, you can purchase direct from our site at

From the Huggrz Boot Wraps Mail Bag – Stilettos in Rhode Island

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by Hugrz 1 Comment

Erica, a fan from Pawtucket, RI wrote in to show us that Huggrz Boot Wraps don’t just work on Uggs.  We love how she put our Cream Sherpa furry boot wrap on a boot with a stiletto heel!  We also like how she moved our Huggrz signature button to the outside and wrapped them with our criss-cross suede lacing. Very stylish!

Dear Huggrz:

I bought Huggrz today, and I LOVE THEM!!! I put them on a pair of stiletto boots I had bought a while ago and was kind of bored with, and it makes a whole new boot! Keep it up!


Huggrz Cream Sherpa Boot Wrap with Stiletto Heel

Picture sent in by Erica, a Huggrz Fan in RI

Your new fan Erica <3

Do you have a Huggrz look to share? Email it to us at, we’d love to see it and share it!

From the Huggrz Boot Wraps’ Mailbag: A Massachusetts Story

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Hugrz

Huggrz Boot Wraps on a pair of Ugg Endell BootsThis week we received the following note from a Huggrz fan in Massachusetts:

Dear Huggrz:

I was headed out to a fundraiser this weekend where we were going to be outside dancing to a rock band under the stars. When I saw the temperatures were going to drop into the 40s, I decided it was time to break out my Huggrz. I wanted to be comfortable and warm but still in fashion. So, I slipped a pair of the rabbit faux fur boot wraps on over my 2-year old pair of [shearling] boots and everyone loved them.

My favorite comment was from the woman who said “I want your boots, I just wish they came with a higher heel.”  When I told her that they were Huggrz and that she could put them over any boots she already owned, she was blown away.  Of course, now I won’t be the only one in town with my Huggrz, but that’s all right! - Diane D.

Have a great Huggrz story? Want to share your style? Email us at

Woman tries to buy Huggrz Boot Wraps off daughter’s feet

Posted on: June 6th, 2011 by Hugrz
Pink Panther Huggrz Boot Wraps

I was out with my daughter, Hannah, who was wearing her Pink Panther Huggrz. We were doing a little holiday shopping at a local mall and a woman approached us to inquire where we “bought these adorable boots”. My daughter, who is so proud of them, explained to the lady that they were special [boot wraps] and not boots. After further inspection, this lady offered us $50 for the Huggrz right on the spot, explaining that her granddaughter would just love these Huggrz.

My daughter, in her diva way, told this woman that these were “special furry friends” and that they belonged to her and only her. I wrote down the website for this lady and while she was disappointed that she would not be able to “buy these Huggrz off my daughter’s feet,” she was happy to know where they came from and also happy that they were a Michigan product too! I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received and how many times I have written down the website for others.

What a great concept!!!


I <3 my Huggrz boot wraps!

Posted on: May 25th, 2011 by Hugrz

Harvest Boucle Huggrz boot wraps Watching my brother at the rink… rockin’ my harvest boucle
My feet are SOOOO warm now! I <3 my Huggerz!