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From the Huggrz Boot Wraps Mail Bag – Stilettos in Rhode Island

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by Hugrz 1 Comment

Erica, a fan from Pawtucket, RI wrote in to show us that Huggrz Boot Wraps don’t just work on Uggs.  We love how she put our Cream Sherpa furry boot wrap on a boot with a stiletto heel!  We also like how she moved our Huggrz signature button to the outside and wrapped them with our criss-cross suede lacing. Very stylish!

Dear Huggrz:

I bought Huggrz today, and I LOVE THEM!!! I put them on a pair of stiletto boots I had bought a while ago and was kind of bored with, and it makes a whole new boot! Keep it up!


Huggrz Cream Sherpa Boot Wrap with Stiletto Heel

Picture sent in by Erica, a Huggrz Fan in RI

Your new fan Erica <3

Do you have a Huggrz look to share? Email it to us at, we’d love to see it and share it!

Behind the Scenes with Huggrz Boot Wraps in Michigan

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by Hugrz

Ever wonder what our Huggrz Boot Wraps look like before they hit the stores?  Come take a tour with us at Wayne’s Sewing in Fort Gratiot, Michigan.  First, we have rolls and rolls of fabrics just waiting to be measured, cut and stitched to Huggrz’ precise specifications.

Rolls of Huggrz Boot Wraps Fabric

Next, we see material for our Pink Panther Boot Wraps rolled out on the table to be measured and cut.

Pink Panther Huggrz Boot Wraps Fabric Rolls

And here’s a pair of our Cream Sherpa Huggrz Boot Wraps being stitched together!

Stitching Cream Sherpa Huggrz Boot Wraps

Finally, … meet Viv!  She and her husband were our original Huggrz pom-pom makers. In fact, they were able to make so many pom-poms that they managed to pull their home out of foreclosure.

Viv the Huggrz Pom Pom makers

Huggrz is thrilled to have created 29 jobs (mostly manufacturing)!  Our Huggrz Boot Wraps are currently made in Michigan and Massachusetts.


Huggrz Boot Wraps at North Cove Outfitters in Old Saybrook Connecticut

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 by Hugrz

Another retailer featuring Huggrz Boot Wraps. This time in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. From the North Cove Outfitters website:

New Product: Huggrz Boot Wraps

Huggrz boot covers and boot wraps

Which pair of [shearling boots] do you like?  All of them? The last few years,
fashion boots have been all the rage. With so many choices on 
the market, Huggrz Boot Wraps let you accessorize any single
pair into several different styles.  Made in America, the average 
Huggrz Boot Wrap
costs only $40. Have the look of Rabbit Fur, 
Brown Beaver, Striped Mink, Fair Isle, etc…

Click here to see the promotion on the North Cove Outfitters website.


Huggrz spotlighted in boot sweaters and boot covers post by Boutique on Feet

Posted on: September 28th, 2011 by Hugrz

Huggrz Boot Wraps Cream Sweater Boot CoverWe were thrilled to be included in the Boutique-on-Feet blog post about this fall’s hottest boot trend along with the Muk Luk boot sweaters and boot covers. The review featured a picture of our popular Huggrz Cream Knit Sweater boot wrap. From the review entitled A Boot Makeover:

I recently heard about this new trend that I am absolutely loving – boot covers or “boot sweaters”, as they are often called.  Boot covers come in a variety of yarns, fabrics and patterns, that can turn any ordinary boot in to something new and extraordinary.  What a great way to add to your selection of boots, without even having to spend the money on a whole new pair of boots!  Let me tell you . . . I thinks this idea is simply, FABULOUS!

Click here to see full post.

Huggrz Boot Wraps are available online at or in a retail store near you!

How to care for your Huggrz Boot Wraps

Posted on: September 24th, 2011 by Hugrz

Huggrz Boot Wraps Rabbit Faux Fur boot coversWe hope you love our boot wraps as much as we do!  But, you can love them even longer if you take proper care of them. Here are a few tidbits to keep them looking fabulous!

  • Huggrz boot wraps can be exposed to minimum amounts of rain and snow, but they are not designed for inclement-weather use. Treat them with care.
  • Care and cleaning: Hand wash and lay flat to dry, or dry clean.
  • Faux Fur: Huggrz boot wraps fur is all-synthetic. A small amount of “shedding” may occur when your Hugrz boot wraps are new, but will go away after a few uses.


Huggrz Boot Wraps Distributor Spotlight on The Ceramic Studio Etc.

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 by Hugrz

From The Ceramic Studio Etc. website:


HUGGRZ Boot Wraps

Huggrz Striped Mink Boot WrapsDid you ever wonder what the “Etc…” was for in our name? Well, besides selling jewelry and slumped wine bottles, we are also the local distributor for cool boot wraps that let you change your look without buying new sets of boots.

HUGGRZ™ boot wraps are the hot new product that allows you to dress up your … shearling-style boots to suit your mood, match your outfit, or express your personal style. They are available in different fabrics, patterns and styles and can be mixed or matched. Attached signature logo button can be used to add optional accessories to your boot wrap, such as pom poms, tassels, beads, flowers, etc.

Come on in and take a look at our in-stock inventory, or feel the fabric swatches for all the HUGGRZ™ available. Find a fun pair for any of your outfits and then show your friends!

The Ceramic Studio Etc. is located at 4132 E. Grand River, Howell, MI 48843.  Check out the Hugrz listings on their website!

From the Huggrz Boot Wraps’ Mailbag: A Massachusetts Story

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Hugrz

Huggrz Boot Wraps on a pair of Ugg Endell BootsThis week we received the following note from a Huggrz fan in Massachusetts:

Dear Huggrz:

I was headed out to a fundraiser this weekend where we were going to be outside dancing to a rock band under the stars. When I saw the temperatures were going to drop into the 40s, I decided it was time to break out my Huggrz. I wanted to be comfortable and warm but still in fashion. So, I slipped a pair of the rabbit faux fur boot wraps on over my 2-year old pair of [shearling] boots and everyone loved them.

My favorite comment was from the woman who said “I want your boots, I just wish they came with a higher heel.”  When I told her that they were Huggrz and that she could put them over any boots she already owned, she was blown away.  Of course, now I won’t be the only one in town with my Huggrz, but that’s all right! - Diane D.

Have a great Huggrz story? Want to share your style? Email us at

Huggrz featured in Los Angeles Parent

Posted on: September 16th, 2011 by Hugrz

Huggrz Boot Wraps was thrilled to be included in Los Angeles Parent’s Start Fall on the Right Foot feature:

Huggrz Sweater Boot Wrap

It’s a Wrap!
Whether you buy the all-synthetic “Fancy Striped Mink” look, or go with the cotton-blend knit ones, Huggrz boot wraps (from $28, accessories from $9, are the fashion statement for your feet this fall. Scrunch ‘em down, pull ‘em up and match them with your mood on any … style shearling or suede boots. One size fits most adult sized 5-10 boot up to 13 inches tall. Pom poms and suede laces sold separately.

Click here to read the whole article.

Where will your Huggrz Boot Wraps take you today?

Posted on: September 15th, 2011 by Hugrz

Huggrz Boot Wraps are all about changing your boots to suit your mood. In this video, we ask: “Where will your Huggrz take you today?”


All you need is one pair of shearling or even cowboy boots, we do the rest!


Video – How to put Huggrz boot wraps on your boots

Posted on: September 15th, 2011 by Hugrz

We always get a few questions like: how do these Huggrz boot wraps actually work? We decided to make a quick video to show you exactly how easy it is to dress up your shearling or other boots (even cowboy boots!), with Huggrz boot wraps.

The boot wraps are covers for your boots.  You can update last year’s purchase to look brand new or change your look to suit your mood in as little as 30 seconds. Feeling a little collegiate? Try the Bennington sweater boot wrap.  Want a bit more sass? Put on one of our Santa Fe fringe boot wraps. Or, perhaps you’re ready for a little apres ski attitude? Then you’ll want to check out our faux fur Aspen line.

How do you like to wear your boot wraps?  Shoot a video and share it with us on our Huggrz Facebook  Page.