How to choose the right boot cover
Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by Hugrz

Boot covers are popping up all over the place these days as the hottest new fashion accessory must-have.  But how do you make sure to choose the right ones?

Quality materials.  Does that faux fur boot cover look like it’s part of the boot, or does it look like you’re wearing a Muppet on your feet?  Does the sweater boot cover hold it’s shape or look like an old sock or sweater sleeve pulled down over your boot. Boots take a beating. You need a boot cover that is sturdy enough to hold up to the elements. Boot covers or wraps shouldn’t be stretched, stained and misshaped after a single wearing.  Higher quality materials will last longer and look better after multiple wearings and washing.

Nikki Minaj in colorful boot covers with willow smithFit.  Do your boot covers stand up alone or do they need that elastic? Using an elastic can give boot covers a “pinched” look, making it obvious that they are more like a legwarmer ON your boot, not a part of the boot. That’s the difference between “boot covers” and “boot wraps.” Boot wraps are made to wrap around your boot without the need for that elastic at the top.  People say “NICE boots,” not “where did you get that cover?”

Height. Boot covers come in different lengths. Some of them are so long that they go up to your knee.  This works if you’re going for the go-go/rave club look or happen to be Nikki Minaj filming a music video with Willow Smith.  For the rest of us, boot covers that go up to the knees cut off legs at an unflattering point. Boot wraps that end mid-calf not only fit on your boots, but they can make your legs look skinny, too.  At Huggrz, we make our boot wraps perfectly proportional so that they can be scrunched down on short boots, or pulled up on long boots.  If they’re too tall, boot covers will look too poufy when they are fitted to short boots. 

Accessories. A boot cover, is just a boot cover, is just a boot cover. But, consider a boot wrap that can do much more.  Huggrz Boot Wraps come with accents like toggles or fringe, and many have a signature button that adds a bit of class and can be used to add great accessories. Change the look with pom-poms, feathers, or Huggrz’s suede crisscross lacing.  Between the 19 styles PLUS the multiple accessories, you have endless ways to change the look of your boots.

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Michael Kors says shearling boots and bare legs too Jersey Shore
Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by Hugrz

We love our furry boots here at Huggrz, but can you really wear them to the beach? Michael Kors just posted his Dos and Don’ts of Winter Styles for Glamour Magazine and he says furry boots with short tight dresses is way too Jersey Shore.  We agree with him when it comes to the picture of Snookie posted below.

Snookie in Jersey Shore style with furry boots

More from Michael Kors’ Glamour Winter Style Dos and Dont’s.

However, we don’t agree with Michael Kors’ ski lodge-only assessment. We think it’s all in the execution. With Huggrz faux fur boot covers, your woolly-look boots are going to attract a lot of attention.  So you need to keep the rest of the outfit subtle. Or at least coordinated with the boots like this gal from whose ruffled shorts perfectly set off her sherpa boots.

So what do you think? Boots and bare legs? Yea or Nay? 

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We hope Brad Paisley liked the Huggrz Boot Wraps he got at the CMA awards
Posted on: November 27th, 2011 by Hugrz

Special thanks to Hollywood Baskets for including us in the CMA Country Music Awards nominee gift baskets. They’ve been great at sharing the thanks from the stars like this one from Brad Paisley. We just loved picturing Brad in our Rabbit faux fur boot covers. Although, we’re going to assume he gave them to his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

Brad Paisley Thank You to Hollywood Baskets


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Huggrz Boot Wraps Discount Code for Black Friday through Cyber Monday
Posted on: November 25th, 2011 by Hugrz

 Use the Discount Code SHIPHUGZ and get free shipping from Black Friday through Cyber Monday on

Huggrz discount code for Black Friday through Cyber Monday is SHIPHUGZ

Hugrz Boot Wraps are the original boot covers and make a great holiday gift this season for you and your loved ones!


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Are those Muppets on your feet or boot covers?
Posted on: November 24th, 2011 by Hugrz 1 Comment

In the midst of all the Muppet Mania and Kermit love, we hope that you’ll go with Huggrz Boot Wraps (the original boot covers) as our boot wraps will never be mistaken for Fozzie Bear.

Wear huggrz boot wraps not fozzie bear
Check out our fabulous Sherpa boot wraps online.

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The Huggrz boot wraps kiosk in Towson Town Center Mall in Maryland
Posted on: November 17th, 2011 by Hugrz

Huggrz hits the Towson Town Center Mall in Maryland.  Find our Huggrz kiosk on the second floor right outside of Nordstom.

Huggrz boot wraps kiosk in Towson Maryland

The Hugrz boot wraps kiosk in Towson Town Center Mall

For those of you not in the area, you can pick our Huggrz up online at


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Are you wearing leg warmers, boot socks or boot wraps this fall?
Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by Hugrz

Leg warmers are back! We thought this website with DIY instructions for making leg warmers was really cute. Seems that fashionistas are wearing leg warmers with clogs, flats, heels and under riding and rainboots (the latter are being call boot socks). Victoria Beckham is even wearing leather leg warmers with Louboutins.

Some of us might even remember fondly the Flashdance leg warmer look of the 1980s:

Flashdance Jennifer Beals in Leg Warmers

If you like the look, but you’re not sure you’re ready to go back to the 80s with leg warmers (or even boot socks), we suggest that you emulate it with knit boot covers from our Huggrz Bennington sweater boot wraps collection:


HUGGRZ Baby Black Cable Knit Boot Wraps on a short boot

Huggrz Baby Black Cable Knit Boot Wraps

Huggrz Baby Black Cable Knit boot wraps available online.



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My Huggrz boot wraps make me look skinny!
Posted on: November 14th, 2011 by Hugrz

We love to hear from happy customers. This week Christina in New England wrote in to tell us that she has a whole new reason to love her Huggrz Boot Wraps.

“I bought a pair of the Sherpas because they just looked so warm and fun. When I wore them to my daughter’s soccer game last week, I got a lot of compliments. One person told me they looked very “Vail”.  But the best compliment I got was later that night when my husband told me they made my legs look really skinny! I may never take them off.”

We’ll have to add “Huggrz boot wraps make you look skinny” to our list of 5 great reasons to love your Huggrz.

Here are two of our Sherpa woolly boot looks!

Huggrz beige sherpa faux fur boot wraps pictured on Ugg boots

Huggrz beige sherpa woolly boot wrap on a shearling boot

Huggrz Black Sherpa Faux Fur Woolly Boot Wraps with Suede Lacing pictured on a short Ugg boot

Huggrz black sherpa woolly boot wrap with suede lacing on a short shearling boot

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Huggrz animal print boot wraps are something to roar about
Posted on: November 13th, 2011 by Hugrz

Animal prints are in fashion this year with celebrities like Salma Hayek, Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian sporting the wild kingdom look.  Want to dabble with a little animal print fun? Check out our Santa Fe collection of animal print boot covers. We’ve got some zebra print and two types of leopard prints.

Huggrz Black Zebra Boot Covers

Huggrz Black Zebra Animal Print Boot Wrap with Fringe


Huggrz Grey Leopard Boot Covers

Huggrz Grey Leopard Animal Print Boot Wrap

Huggrz Brown Leopard Animal Print Boot Wraps with Fringe

Huggrz Brown Leopard Animal Print Boot Wrap

And, of course, in our Aspen collection we even have the elusive Pink Panther faux fur boot cover!

Huggrz Pink Panther Faux Fur Boot Wraps

Huggrz Pink Panther Faux Fur Boot Wrap


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You say boot covers, we say boot wraps!
Posted on: November 12th, 2011 by Hugrz

But, we’re all talking about HUGGRZ!  Whether you call them boot covers, boot toppers, boot sweaters, boot cuffs, boot skins, leg warmer boot muffs, or our own preferred name – boot wraps – we’re all talking about these sophisticated, playful and classic ways to update your favorite boots.

And we’re thrilled to see that HUGGRZ boot wraps aren’t just for shearling boots anymore. Thanks to all the photos and news we get from our happy HUGGRZ customers we’ve started to show them on different styles of boots on the HUGGRZ website.  These aren’t just shearling boot HUGGRZ (or as some of you call them Huggers) anymore!

We especially like the idea of wearing them with heels, because who wants to break in a new pair of heels every year? Why not own one awesome pair of boots and add some faux fur boot covers from HUGGRZ and you have multiple ways to wear them. Here are some new shots of Huggrz on heels!  What do you think?

Huggrz Faux Fur boot wrap on grey heel

Huggrz Rabbit Faux Fur Boot Wrap

Huggrz Black Mink Faux Fur Boot Wrap on Heels

Huggrz Black Mink Faux Fur Boot Wrap with Suede Lacing












Please keep sending in your pictures ( or you can also post them on our HUGGRZ Facebook page.

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