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Comeback Trend: Leg Warmers

Posted on: November 14th, 2012 by Hugrz

We’ve all had our fair share of trends that we wish would stay hidden in the back  of the fashion closet and those that we pray make a glorious, fabulous and well deserved comeback. Hugrz can’t help but rejoice for the revival of the leg warmer over the last couple of seasons.  Although slightly updated from it’s 80’s counterpart, this trend still brings a touch of fun and detail to any outfit. Pair with tights and a pair of studded flats or wear under your favorite boots.  While Hugrz themselves are FAR from leg warmers, the great knit boot wraps in the Bennington Collection are so versatile they can be worn as legwarmers too! 

Our suggestion? Check out Hugrz Bennington Collection for our favorite knits and prepare to become inspired.  From the neutral Charcoal Tweed to the fiery Flame Knit, you are sure to find the product that takes your outfit from mundane to daytime chic.  Wear them over the boots to get the look of the sweater boots on the market.  Wear under your boots to get the look of a boot cuff.  Wear with leggings and flats to get the look of legwarmers.  One product —- so many fun ways to wear it!

Charcoal Tweed worn as a cuff on the left and as a Boot Wrap, accented with a Black Snap Band accessory, on the right

Black Fair Isle worn under a boot

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xoxo Hugrz 


Photo Cred: Chictopia



Are you wearing leg warmers, boot socks or boot wraps this fall?

Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by Hugrz

Leg warmers are back! We thought this website with DIY instructions for making leg warmers was really cute. Seems that fashionistas are wearing leg warmers with clogs, flats, heels and under riding and rainboots (the latter are being call boot socks). Victoria Beckham is even wearing leather leg warmers with Louboutins.

Some of us might even remember fondly the Flashdance leg warmer look of the 1980s:

Flashdance Jennifer Beals in Leg Warmers

If you like the look, but you’re not sure you’re ready to go back to the 80s with leg warmers (or even boot socks), we suggest that you emulate it with knit boot covers from our Huggrz Bennington sweater boot wraps collection:


HUGGRZ Baby Black Cable Knit Boot Wraps on a short boot

Huggrz Baby Black Cable Knit Boot Wraps

Huggrz Baby Black Cable Knit boot wraps available online.